The Hexagon

Recent submission of the Lexus design Challenge 2023.

Sustainable Design

Personal Project and competition entry

Project brief

From the Lexus website.
Imagine a world where design creates an enriched sense of happiness for all.

Start by thoughtfully considering people in diverse circumstances.
Then, anticipating global challenges facing future society, engage in innovative ways which contribute to a sustainable future, yet seamlessly enhance the happiness of everyone.

When imaginative and captivating designs intersect with thoughtful solutions, that lead to a brighter future for all, design truly makes for a brighter future for people and society.  Concepts must anticipate a challenge of the future, address that challenge with an innovative solution, and captivate the imagination with exceptional design.

Design Process

The start of the design process was centered around discovering a design question that fits within the brief. Through extensive research the question was framed around sustainable products and sustainability.

The research question was: How might we increase understanding and sustainable product purchasing of consumers as well as decrease greenwashing by manufacturers.


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Submitted project
The Hexagon

A physical and digital hub for each city to promote and connect sustainability practices.


Consumers are increasingly wanting to adopt more sustainable behaviour. However, it is often not clear what product/service is truly sustainable or where it can be bought. The Hexagon is both a physical and digital space where consumers can experience a range of their (local) sustainable products as well as gain more insights into the product lifecycle. The Hexagon aims to elevate product/services that are truly sustainable.

Physical. The modular hexagon structure is to be placed in public squares where it elevates the sustainable experience and is easily accessible. Its timber and solar panel construction aims to draw visitors in with its sustainable interior and exterior construction and iconic look as well as provide for renewable electricity production. The structure can be scaled up when a bigger space is needed but also scaled down in limited public space. In each hexagon there are pedestals placed to display a  product or service as well as iconic material(s) related to the products lifecycle. The Physical also aims to connect with local sustainable initiatives and shops to  support their practice.

Digital. Together with the displayed product there is a QR code.  This code lets the users explore the product through an AR experience, allowing the user to experience the information interactively. The information contains both the social and environmental lifecycles of the product/service . The Digital. environment is also reachable through a website. This allows for people to connect a local  sustainable hub from all over the world.