Mobility hub in Tomtebo Strand

A pedestrian and biker oriented neighbourhood with easy access to bus, bike and car sharing.

Service & Mobility Design

Individual & Group project Umea Institute of Design

Project brief

Umea kommun (municipality) wants to develop and promote sustainable transport in the yet to be realized neighbourhood Tomtebo Strand. The brief of this project was to visualize (part of) a mobility hub.

Design Process

Tomtebo Strand was chosen as the scope of this project. In order to get a better understanding of what this to be realized mobility hub might look like our team (Dilara Ece Günesen & Bradely Staite) did a surround scan and brain storm. for what services are already given by the municipality and how quick the neighbourhood would be build. Click on the picture to zoom in.

Service Blue Print

We also completed a service blue print for a bike sharing service that could berealized in the area. This service blue print was based on our own experiences and research.

Final Design

The final visualization is based on a plan that I made for the neighbourhood. The essential part of it is to give bikes more prominence in the Swedish city. I made this plan based on my own experience and coming from the Netherlands I thought that giving more infrastructure for bikes would enable more cyclists. Easy and safe access to storage is paramount to this as well.