Oven Interface

Interaction Design
Group Project
Umea Institute of Design

A smart and stylish oven interface that is designed for every home cook.
For both the analogue and tech-sevy user.

Problem Statement

Various contemporary ovens offer an increasing amount of options to cook, bake or defrost food with. Additionally, the integration of (touch-) screens makes the interaction more complicated. This is especially a problem when users only use a limited amount of functions.

Design Process

The prototyping was centred around Low Fidelity (LO-FI) prototypes. These helped in user dialogues as the user can move the components and it allows for more valued feedback form the users.


I constructed various prototypes to test with the users. In the end my final design was chosen and altered to align with the insights and preferences of the team.

Key Insights

The timer function is not used by all users.

Most of the users only use two options, conventional top and bottom heat and the fan.

The temperature progress bar, which shows that the oven is heating up, is a desirable feature. 

Physical buttons create a good overview for the users.

Final Concept

The insights and user tests led to the development of an analogue oven with smart phone compatibility. Thereby combining the best of both worlds.


The oven interactionsare shown in the GIF below. The screen interface was designed by Paul Lazar.

Smart App

An integrated app to use the oven when you want it where you want it. The app comes with build-in recipe and kitchen assistant function. Made by Josie Reilly.

Remote Control
Preheat the oven and control oven settings while you are away.

Camera View
View the progress of your food from the oven's internal camera.

My Recipes
Import recipes from the web, scan images, or write your own.

Kitchen Assistant
Search for quick cooking guidelines.