Handle XTS

Ergonomic Design
Personal Project
Umea Institute of Design

An ergonomic broom handle for service workers.
Based on Hultafors design Language

Problem Analysis

The wrist, shoulder and forearm were shown to be key problem areas when using conventional brooms.

Often the broom makes the hand move in an awkward position. This results in strain on the body in especially these areas.

Design process

Various concepts were developed to address the problems highlighted above. Each of the concepts aimed at solving the highlighted problems. Various user tests were performed that ledto the following insights.

Key insights

A design that aims to support the wrist that doesn’t allow for precision.

Multiple grip positions are beneficial for better control at all time of interaction.

The volume and diameter of the handle should not be too big.

The angle between the shaft handle can improve handling and decrease strain on the body parts.

Final Concept

Iconic Positions

Colour Alternatives